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Our barristers act over a whole range of public law practice areas in courts and tribunal in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, United Kingdom, the European courts in Luxembourg and the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. We also appear in a range of other common law jurisdiction in the Middle East and African countries. We are expects in the law governing relationship between persons (natural and legal) and the state.

For claimants, we are equally at home representing commercial clients challenging complex regulatory or governmental decisions as acting for individual or NGOs in ground-breaking human rights and constitutional challenges. We also act for regulator and other public body defendants and many of our Barristers appeal regularly in high-profile litigation for the Government.

In the commercial sphere, our work span subject areas as diverse as aviation, banking, broadcasting & media, energy, financial services, healthcare, pensions, pharmaceuticals, tax, telecoms and transport. More generally, our members have acted in some of the leading case in education, environmental law, equity & discrimination, local government powers, national security law and sanctions.


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